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Slide Your future wardrobe. Soon for free available in


Take a picture of your daily outfit and upload it to the app



Categorize your outfits and use different features for the best overview, add packing lists or use the calender funcion



Connect with your friends and visit their public wardrobe. Have a look at the outfits of others, get inspired and borrow your friends favorite pieces.


Get inspired

Together we will redefine the use of the wardrobe in a sustainable way! Using smart algorithms and AI, everyday decisions in front of the closet are made for you with your own style consultant

Reasons for TryMe

Enjoy the benefits of our free App

Time and place independent overview of the entire wardrobe

Rediscover your own clothes and expand your wardrobe for free

Connect with friends & get inspiration from other users

Reuse existing clothing & Reduce mass consumption and its consequences

Personal styling advisor through AI & smart algorithms

Plan your outfits on the go and stop spending several of hours starring at your overcrowed and messy wardrobe

Be part of the mission!

The Team

Hannah and Nina know each other for more than 12 years. From everyday problems they worked out a solution and developed a concrete business. Together they combine the knowledge of economics and IT



Hi my name is Nina. I am currently living in a city near to Frankfurt in Germany. After studying economics and mangagement, I started working in Human Ressource Management. Since I have always been a solution-oriented person with a strong focus on sustainability, it is very important to me to let everyone know about TryMe Wardrobe.



Hey I'm Hannah. I am currently living in Cologne, Germany where I just finished my studies in information systems. During that time I worked as a workingstudent in IT and PM. Sustainability has always been very important to me and I think it is necessary to find easy ways to integrate more sustaianbility in the daily routine. Here comes TryMe! (Oh and for the hours in front of the wardrobe not knowing what to wear)


You might have seen us before..

TryMe Wardrobe has been part of several startup events, accelerators and won an Unibator scholarship that we are currently enrolled. We are part of Hessen Ideen Wettbewerb 2021 and look forward to the upcoming online voting - stay tuned!

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